Saturday, December 04, 2010

The Geek Workout Program

So it's Saturday and your ready to finally sit down after a long hard week of work to some Team Death Match in COD Black Ops.  Ha! Right! Who are you kidding?  You've been playing every night in to the wee hours of the morning.  Not getting out much lately, plus all the extra calories you are sucking down during the holidays means you are getting fat or fatter.  So I've come up with the Geek Workout Program.  You're not going to look like Arnold Swarchenegger (I'm talking Terminator Arnold, not Governor Arnold) with this program, but hopefully you help keep your waist size where it's at or even drop a couple of sizes.

Ok! Enough of the PSA (Public Service Announcement) how do I get started?

  1. Fire up the Xbox, PS3 or PC and pop in your favorite multiplayer game that has intermissions (Yes, you know the time you get in between matches to change your reticle to a pink heart or equip the N00B Tube!)
  2. Go ahead and start playing your game and teach some N00Bs the meaning of pain.
  3. So the match just ended and you want to check out how many XP points needed until you can level up... STOP!!!! Don't do it!  This is opportunity to get all Diesel and have an iron chest.
  4. Pick an exercise you can complete in 60 seconds.  E.g.  15 Push Ups (God I hope you can do more than that, but hey your a geek so I doubt it!), 15 Squats, 25 Sit-ups or whatever you want.)  Exercise List and Proper Technique
  5. So, Do IT!  Rep out your set and catch your breath!!
  6. Go to Step 2 
Sounds stupid simple? Well, it is!  But it's effective.  Let's do a little math!! 

Let's say you play about 6 Rounds of  Team Death Match an hour (Probably More) and you did 15 Pushups after each round.  6 x 15 = 90 Pushups.  Let's also assume that you are hopelessly addicted to this game and you are probably clocking in 3 hours a day.  3 x 90 = 270 Pushups.   I doubt you can do all 270 when you start off, but give it a couple of weeks.  

I've been doing this now for about a month and my Bench Press has gone up 20 LBS.  Not bad considering this is time that I would have normally waisted and I've transformed it into something that has benefited me both physically and mentally.